By way of introduction

“So, you’re going to have a Bajan baby!”

Positive pregnancy test confirmed. And so began the most exciting journey of our lives.

 My husband and I had been not not trying for a baby for a relatively short time before I fell pregnant, so as much as it was a huge celebration and relief it was also a little bit of a shock as we hadn’t expected it to happen quite so quickly. We had arrived in Barbados from London (where we had been based after leaving South Africa to work and travel in 2007) on an expat assignment only 3 months previously and had a whole lot of settling in, adjusting and exploring to do still. But what better way to do those things than with the knowledge that a whole new little person was on his or her way?

The idea to start this blog came after my aunt asked me to blog for her website,, sharing my experiences of an island pregnancy. The first few posts will be what I wrote for her. I have found that after my pregnancy I still have a lot to say and share, if only to clear my own mind but hopefully also to connect with other mums and mums-to-be (or even dads, or anyone with an interest in parenting in paradise). This blog is a platform for me to put my thoughts into writing and to document my own journey as a mother.


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