Oh! What a beautiful morning…

Today began at 4am. A certain little someone had slept for nine straight hours and had worked up quite a hunger. And what a treat it was to open the mosquito net, lean into the cot and be met with the happiest smile anyone could possibly muster up, never mind at 4 in the morning! What a way to start the day.

How special it was to bundle our little blessing in my arms and to smell her sweet sleepy scent. The first morning feed is my favorite. It is time for Beth and I to begin our day together, sleepily catching each other’s gaze and gently fiddling with fingers. Sometimes we sing songs, sometimes we listen to music and sometimes we just quietly relish the moment. But always we meet the morning in a dozy haze of togetherness.

Usually, after a nappy change and a few cuddles, it’s nap time again and I can either snooze too or get myself showered and dressed. There are occasions when I even manage to finish the mug of tea my husband lovingly presents before he leaves for work. This morning was miraculous as I tidied my clothes cupboard too!

Bath time is the best part of Beth’s day. It usually takes place in the evening with Daddy, so this morning’s bath was a bonus for her! Her little face just lit up as her toes hit the water, and the splashing and smiles began. I love a bath as much as the next girl but Beth takes the cake when it comes to enthusiasm for a good wash. If only we all took such pleasure in life’s simple things.

Hot on the tails of bath time is coconut oil massage time. As Mum sings an adapted version of Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” (which goes along the lines of “Coconut Baby”), Beth wiggles and squirms and tries to giggle while thoroughly enjoying a full body coconutty massage. What a life! And the best part is she knows it. She loves it and she shows it!

Right now, we’re sitting in a coffee shop and I’m sipping on a decaf cappuccino while Beth snoozes again in her stroller. People smile without knowing it as they walk past her and old ladies comment on her chubby cheeks. My heart leaps every time. Oh! What a beautiful morning…


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